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5 Health Benefits of Trampoline Jumping

5 Health Benefits of Trampoline Jumping

Have you ever gone through week after week of grinding workouts and found yourself thinking, ‘There’s got to be a better way?’ Humans are meant for routine physical activity, but we’re also meant for fun. If you’re looking for an intense workout and a great way to have fun with family and friends, visit a trampoline park. Here are five reasons why:

1. Full body workout

Full body workouts are now among the trendiest exercises because science is revealing how neuromuscular movements stimulate muscle growth. Every single muscle in the body is engaged during explosive jumping. Whereas normally you would perform a limited amount of squat jumps, the mechanics of a trampoline allow you to explode indefinitely without severe impact on the joints. Throwing yourself into the air requires a precisely timed explosion from the feet to the tips of your fingers, which engages your calves, quads, glutes, core, pecs, shoulders, and even your biceps.

2. Social exercise

One of the greatest factors for health is social connection; those with lots of it flourish while those who don’t tend to flounder. Exercise is obviously important, but far too often we are forced to spend time with friends, or at the gym. Why not have a blast with your children or friends at a trampoline park while getting your exercise on?

If you gather up some adult friends, you can start a crazy fun tradition. Plenty of parks have basketball goals for soaring jumpers, but the most exciting prospect is trampoline dodgeball. Every guy needs dodgeball to live well, but mix in that mayhem with row after row of trampolines and you have an otherworldly outlet for competitive energy.

3. Lymph drain

The lymph system is what circulates toxins and debris from your tissues to your excretory system. Lymph vessels are parallel to blood vessels, but they lack a central pump, like your heart. Because lymph needs to circulate for waste removal, a person has to exercise and use gravity to pump the clear/white liquid through the body. What better way to pump lymph than to multiply the force of gravity on a trampoline and exert yourself with total body movements?

4. Improved balance

Trampoline exercise impacts little-used muscle groups and connective tissue in the feet and ankles. Throughout most of human history, these tissues have been kept in shape through walking 3-9 miles per day, as our ancestors have been discovered to have done. Having strong feet, ankles and joints is what keeps a person balanced and agile, but today’s mostly sedentary lifestyle confers no such benefits. We’re breaking our hips in the kitchen as young as fifty because we’ve lost the strength that promotes balance.

Two studies of a duration over three months have pointed to dramatic improvements of balance through rebounding exercises; one in the elderly, and one for the youth. Given the low impact nature of rebounding, monthly trampoline park visits can be a fun activity you can do into your golden years. Imagine yourself in 30 years showing all the whipper-snappers how a triple front flip is done, and then making a smoothie afterwards without breaking your femur. Get your trampoline park pass now before it’s too late!

5. Cardiovascular fitness

Who would have thought that continuous explosive jumping would benefit the heart? People don’t normally associate trampoline workouts with cardio because exertion is perceived less when you’re having fun. Ever noticed how you can sprint while playing basketball or frisbee without noticing it? But when it comes time to running on the treadmill, even modest effort can seem like torture.

Boredom is one of the most severe forms of torture, so take it easy on yourself and substitute one of your cardio days with a trampoline park visit. Full-out jumping for even three minutes will have you gasping for breath in the most delightful way. All the better to take a break and see your kids enjoying the hell out of themselves.

Trampoline parks are an odd-ball way to improve your quality of life. Visit one this weekend with your family or your friends and start a ritual that will boost your fun-meter and fitness.

Tips for hosting a great kids birthday party

Tips for hosting a great kids birthday party

Kids love parties, but for parents, parties (and all of the planning involved) can be stressful. But by planning all of the details in advance, your child’s birthday party can go off without a hitch, and you won’t have to sweat the small stuff to make it happen. Here are a few tips to see that your child’s birthday party goes as smoothly as possible.

Preparing Invitations

First thing’s first: make your guest list. If your child is young, this can be kept to close friends and family, but as your child gets older, it’s likely he or she will want to invite a whole crew. Avoid piling the whole class into a tiny living room by choosing a venue like Bounce! to host the party. 

Next, choose the date and time of the party. If you only plan on serving cake and snacks, schedule the party for mid-day beginning at around 1:00 or 2:00. If you will be serving food, the party should begin around noon or 5:00 pm. Bounce! party packages include pizza and drinks to take the stress out of menu planning.

Once the basic details have been decided, it’s time to send invitations. Invitations should be ordered online no less than six weeks in advance and hand-written invitations should be delivered no less than three weeks in advance. Bounce! Offers both printable invitations and an evite link to get you started.

Choosing Decorations

There’s no need to go all-out with an official birthday party theme; a few streamers and matching balloons will work just fine. Official party colors can also be incorporated into the party ware and food selection. Take it a step farther by asking guests to dress in the matching color scheme, as well.

Planning Entertainment

Different age groups require different forms of entertainment. For example, simple party games like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” or “Balloon Darts” are great for small children but tweens and teens will likely want to move. Give them an outlet for their energy by hosting your party at Bounce! Trampoline Sports. Best of all, because Bounce! provides the food, decorations, invitations and entertainment, you’ll be able to enjoy the party too!

Opening Gifts

It's up to you to decide whether or not to open gifts during the party. If you’ve got time (and everyone’s attention), it can be nice to open gifts in front of guests so that your child can thank the gift-givers in person. 

If you’re strapped for time, having a hard time corralling kids or would rather avoid lost toys in the shuffle, opening gifts at home later is acceptable, too. If you choose to do this, remember to have your child write gift-specific  “thank you” cards for all guests in attendance and deliver them within a week following the party.

Face your child’s party head-on with these tips for throwing a stress-free kid’s birthday party courtesy of your friends at Bounce! Trampoline Sports

Bounce into Our Foam Pits For Some Fun this Season!

Bounce into Our Foam Pits For Some Fun this Season!

As a parent you are constantly looking for things to keep your kids occupied. At Bounce! Danbury, we understand and have developed a facility that not only keeps your children enthralled but entices you to join in on the fun. We offer a variety of Trampoline courts, indoor activities, toddler time with a special section for our little guests in the Bounce! Jr. area, special parties and special events.

ct indoor games

In addition to our many Trampoline courts we offer tons of fun with our Foam Pits. Our Foam Pits provide a safe, soft and fun landing for all ages to flip into. You can try out some new cheerleading moves, gymnastic flips or just jump and land into the cushion of our foam cubes. We wouldn’t want our littles to miss out on all the fun. We have dual foam pits with rope swings for the 5 and under set to swing on and then drop into the cushy foam below in our separate Bounce! Jr. Zone. This is fun that your younger ones will thank you for and excitement that will surely have them ready for a nap. Need a break from launching into our Foam Pits? You can grab a healthy snack from our snack bar or take a seat in one of our comfy chairs in our Wi-Fi/TV lounge.

Our indoor Bounce! Trampoline sports facility will provide ample fun and excitement during your visit. In addition to the Foam Pits, we offer indoor sports activities like our slam dunk basketball and dodgeball. We are always providing fun events for you to participate in. Our Foam Pits are just a part of the fun here at Bounce! that will keep you coming back again and again!

If you are ready to experience the fun that jumping into foam Pits can offer then head on over to Bounce! Trampoline Sports in Danbury today!

Glow-in-the-Dark With Your Friends Today!

Brewster Indoor Activities | Newtown Kids Parties

If you haven’t heard yet, Bounce! is taking Connecticut one jump at a time. The newest trend has set up shop in Danbury, CT and we are excited to bring you an indoor sports center sure to provide you with non-stop exhilarating, energetic fun.

Providing you with yet another first, we offer Jump n’ Glow! No other trampoline sports arena has anything like this. An experience for the 8-year and up crowd as well as adults. Friday and Saturday evenings from 7pm – 10pm (8pm-11pm beginning on 9/11/15) you will enter into another realm entirely. Bounce! is transformed into a glow-in-the-dark, laser/black light trampoline arena with a live DJ keeping the jams pumping while you are jumping. You will want to dress to glow so that you can be a part of the show. Anything black light sensitive from socks, tops and hats to gloves will help add to your amazing experience. You can participate in activities like trampoline dodgeball, slam dunk basketball, open bouncing, foam pit jumps and the only indoor Trampoline Bungee Jump in America! It doesn’t stop there. We will help you become a part of this thrilling show by providing FREE glow in the dark face painting. The psychedelic feel of the environment would not be complete without our giant glow in the dark murals painted by Toni Isnardi.

We have a facility like no other here at Bounce! Trampoline Sports of Danbury, CT. We offer open bounce daily, birthday parties, corporate events, camp events, school events, parent night out specials and our incredibly exciting and unique Jump n’ Glow nights. We have foam pits, dodgeball, basketball and a Trampoline Bungee Jump. At Bounce!, you can know that you will have an exciting, thrilling and fun experience like none other in the area. Contact Bounce! Trampoline Sports today to book your time slot for our exciting Jump n’ Glow session, 203-992-9000.

Do you or your friend have a birthday coming up? What’s a better place to celebrate your birthday than here at Bounce! Make your party unforgettable and have everyone talking about it for years to come! Visit us today for more details!

Join Us For Toddler Time At Bounce!

Bethel Indoor Playground | New Fairfield Kids Parties

At Bounce! Trampoline Sports in Danbury, we take kids and being a kid very seriously. To maximize the fun experience for our younger visitors, we have created a special area, Bounce! Jr®, to serve them. Bounce! Jr® was designed specifically to give children age 6 and younger a great trampoline sport experience, with their safety in mind.

In addition to the general play area for Bounce! Jr®, we have special toddler times to allow the little ones ages 2-5 years to safely play. Bounce! Jr® includes foam pits, a trampoline court, and inflatables. Our normal toddler times are:


Keep in mind that special events might impact scheduled toddler times, so call us first at 203-992-9000 to check on availability. As a reminder, all participants younger than 18 years old must have a liability waiver completed and signed by a parent before they can participate.

Bounce! Danbury is conveniently located at 21 Prindle Lane Danbury CT 06811. For your entertainment needs for kids of all ages, not just toddlers, we offer a wide range of activities including open bounce times, slam dunk basketball, foam pits, and dodgeball. Come by and take a look, and the next time your little ones need to burn off some energy, bring them to Toddler Time at Bounce! Danbury.

Learn about Bounce! Fundraisers!

CT Indoor Jump House | Connecticut Trampoline

For the funnest fundraiser possible, head to Bounce! Schools, teams and non-profit organizations can put together an awesome money maker with us. We give you the opportunity to sell admission to Bounce! Danbury for a specific time period. Invite your friends, relatives, classmates and supporters because during those hours, everyone who comes in and pays admission will help you earn cash. It will be a fundraiser that your group won’t be able to stop talking about.

kids parties Danbury

At Bounce!, your supporters will have a blast at the first indoor trampoline park on Danbury. There are massive courts of interconnected trampolines to jump and play on, and there are all kinds of fun things to do. Foam pits, multiple lane slam dunk basketball courts, dodgeball courts and trampoline bungee jumps are all waiting for you. It’s fun for everyone regardless of age, and we can accommodate over 300 people in our 50,000 square foot space packed with indoor activities.

A fundraiser at Bounce! will something your organization will never forget. It’s very easy too, just give us a call to get all the details. It’s a great opportunity to make a lot of money and have fun at the same time. Bounce! Danbury can even provide you with promotional materials so you can let the world know about your event.

Contact us today for all the details on how to have an awesome fundraiser at 203-992-9000

Come and Join The Fun!

Connecticut Indoor Activities | Brookfield Kids Birthday Parties

Bounce! Trampoline Sports is your home for Indoor amusement. The entire family can jump, workout, train and play on huge courts of interconnected trampolines. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget! Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions about Bounce!

suffolk county indoor activities


Call or check the website for hours, as they change throughout the year. While reservations are not required, they are strongly recommended. You can reserve space for groups by calling 203-992-9000. You can even reserve the entire facility!


All participants must have a signed waiver on file. Those under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or official guardian. Shoes and sneakers are not permitted on the trampolines. All jumpers must be barefoot or purchase special reusable non-slip socks. No food and drink from outside the facility is allowed. Anyone age 2 and up can jump, if you can walk, you can bounce!

When You Arrive

Upon arrival, you will pay the entrance fee and get a wristband. All jumping times are based on wristband color, and court monitors will let you know when your time is up. There are open cubbies for shoes and jackets, or you can rent lockers for your personal belongings. Bounce! is not responsible items lost or stolen. If there are people in your group who are not jumping, they do not have to pay an entrance fee. They can hang out and watch the fun in the wifi lounge and visit our snack bar. Kids from 2 to 6 years old can enjoy bouncing in our separate Bounce! Jr. area.

Bounce! in Danbury, Connecticut is the perfect way to enjoy super fun physical activity in air conditioned comfort! You can enjoy Open Bounce, Slam Dunk Basketball, Dodgeball and multiple Foam Pits. If you’re planning a birthday party, plan early! Bounce! is famous for its kids birthday parties on Danbury It’s awesome indoor fun for the whole family. Call or stop by with any other questions you may have, and enjoy Bounce!

Book Your Next Party at Bounce!

CT Kids Parties | Connecticut Indoor Activities

Bounce Of Danbury is the place to celebrate. Fantastic for children's birthday parties and celebrations, consider a trampoline park event for adults as well. Not just any trampolines, Bounce features wall to wall trampoline courts. Play soccer, basketball, and dodgeball or jump into giant trampoline foam pits. Bounce hosts parties for children as young as 2. A separate kid's play zone accommodates children aged 6 and under. Bounce! Jr. Features its own trampolines, foam pit with rope swing, inflatables, and junior soccer field. While the kids are somersaulting through the air, parents can take advantage of free WiFi and computer/ cell phone charging stations as well as enjoy either of two HD television lounges or the snack bar.

A party at Bounce is high energy fun combined with low-stress planning. Bounce birthday parties are two hours. All Birthday party packages include 90 minutes of open bounce time plus 30 minutes in a private room. All party paper goods such as plates, napkins, and forks are provided along with two slices of pizza and a bottled water or juice box per child. Enjoy full prep and cleanup as well as Bounce! invitations and access to the Bounce! online evite system plus 2 free 1-hour Bounce! passes for the guest of honor! From start to finish, Bounce! celebrations are effortless fun. If you're coming from the city, check Bounce!'s website for information on group transportation. Bounce! makes it easy to celebrate not only birthdays but any milestone such as a winning season, a great performance, or maybe your child's group or club has worked hard towards a goal that should be recognized and rewarded.

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Please direct all questions to 203-942-2449 or

We are excited to bring the world's best indoor trampoline park facility to Connecticut.

If you are interested in having your Kid's party at Bounce! please send an email to to reserve your date subject to our grand opening. We cannot wait to welcome you to Bounce! Danbury!

Get your Bounce! loyalty card on your first visit! Pay for 10 hours of jumping and get the 11th for free! Bring in 4 kids for one hour and get 4 credits! It’s that simple!

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